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My topic is violence for discipline. Parents sometimes hit their kids as discipline when they behave badly, smashing children can be seen in educational scene. However, violence against to children in house and school is now a controversial subject. Even though parents or teachers use violence as discipline, it may hurt children’s mind seriously, thus violent discipline is thought as a bad way to control kids.

In Japan, domestic violence against to children is one of the serious social issue. Some domestic case, parents hit their children as discipline not to do bad behaviours . At first, they don’t hit not so seriously, but their punishment gradually become hard and last for long time. In 2011, 34year-old-mother was sentenced to 6 years in prison for killing her 5year-old daughter in Fukuoka Prefecture. She was accused that she had been continuing harsh physical punishment to her daughter regularly. However, domestic violence against to children can be avoided. Parents with young children often feel stress when they are taking care of their kids. Young children often scream or crying loudly in public space and difficult to control. Some parents know that smashing children is never permitted, but they finally lose their temper and hit children, so reducing parents’ stress may lead to reduce awful violent incidents. In each Australia state, parents can get family support. Queensland government hold child care support and other support program. Community support for all parents is a significant step for eradication of child victims of abusing.

Violent discipline is also a problem in school. Few years ago, corporal punishment was common way to discipline bad students, but teacher’s punishment has been becoming strict and hard and some of them are unreasonable. 2009 in Oita prefecture, one high school student who was belong to Kendo club came down with heatstroke. Other club members said that their coach did not let him to break and drink water and what is worse, the other said that the coach forced to keep practicing. Investigation committee reported that the practice regimen was inappropriate and could not to help the victim. The high school finally acknowledged this accident but commented that it is difficult to assert what the coach did is corporal punishment. The coach was given a six months disciplinary discharge and an assistant coach was also given two months dismissal due to missed victim’s accident. Like this tragedy, there are other victims of physical punishment in club activities in Japan.

There are supporters and opponents over the corporal punishment against to children in home and school. Supporters think physical punishment is a way to make children understand what is good and what is bad, and the other says it is needed to keep teacher’s dignity. In contrast, opponents say physical punishment will make a climate    that violence will be thought as a solution for any problems, or it will not be a fundamental solution for problem happens in school and what is worse, it will make difficult to find student’s crime due to avoid teachers who do corporal punishments. My personal opinion, making children obey rules with violence is not a discipline, it is domination. Sometimes parents and teachers do this with insult to deny victim’s characteristics or personality. These types of people don’t seem victim as person. I wonder how foreign people think this problem because there are less incidents that kids or children are hurt by parents or teachers. What is the best solution for this problem?We need to think about this serious problem right now.


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